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In today’s competitive world, every student needs to perform well in their academics so that they can shine in their life. But these days, a lot of premier institutes fail to give individual care to their students.

Every student is different, including their learning capabilities. Some students can understand their lesson quickly, while some students need extra guidance to study effectively.

Therefore, home tuition or private tuition may be necessary in order to get a quality education. A lot of parents are already hiring the best tutor for their children to assist in their studies.

Benefits of getting home tuition:

1. Get tuition at your convenience

2. Opportunities for pre-learning

3. Detailed productive feedback

4. Get personalised attention

5. Scope for improvement in student’s performance

6. Scope for better learning

7. Positive environment

8. Lesser distractions

9. Get tuition from the best

10. Involvement of parents

For Teachers
Mitram Education Group is a organization who has passion for educational tuition services online and offline and in the process , team would be teaching students different courses from class 1-12th English , Hindi , Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology , Accounting , Economics , Business Economics , Social Science , History , Civics , Geography.

Online Tuition’s

Online education is growing rapidly and Home tuition are loosing sign at least in cities where Internet connectivity is good but at end of day what matters is , what enhances knowledge of a student , may it be online teacher or home teacher we provide best quality faculty for every students according to area of interest. Our teachers are first tested and then sent to students.

So No need to worry about quality of teacher , you just need to tell us about your area of education and leave rest to us.

For Home tuition teacher, seeking student or parents
Teachers are career builder for future of student and after Parents, teachers impart maximum contribution in future growth of your child. Now a days it has become difficult to get quality teachers at reasonable cost, because better teachers charges more.

We at have been working on this feature regularly and have come up with new ideas and methods, where we will test student capability through our set of tests and then recommend a teacher with expertise in that domain.

We have Panel of quality faculty with specialization in different domain.

Online tuition is another way to cut down cost of quality education where teacher need not to travel at home but online education takes place and faculty gives online tuition to its students and thus at one go large number of students get taught it brings down cost of quality teacher.

We test our every teacher at different Parameters before clearing them for our students. Our teachers not only pass through knowledge domain test of the respective subject but pass our human value parameters, which is of utmost importance for any student.